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Hands with Love Longevitology Association offers the knowledge of using Longevitology to help many to improve their body’s ability to heal. Longevitology, known as 长生学 (Cheng Sen Xue) in chinese, which translates as “study of long life”, is one of several healing modalities intended to adjust energy flow throughout the body to improve the body’s ability to heal itself.

Hands with Love Longevitology Association is a non profit organisation that has no religious, medical or political affiliation. The organization:

  • focuses on offering free training to students with a skill that can improve their own body’s ability to heal both physically and mentally.
  • caters opportunities for their students to give back to society by using their Longevitology skill to help others (beneficiaries) in the caring centres.
  • offers free help to anyone (beneficiaries) who like to seek additional supportive treatment for their illness or well-being at the caring centres.

While Longevitology maybe able to speed up healing, it is important to note that help from practice of Longevitolgy should not be deemed as an alternative and/or replacement of any existing medical treatment from patient’s medical professional/s.




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In 1995, I had a bad asthma attack and fainted because I wasn’t breathing at all. I was lucky to reach hospital in time. I was intubated and revived. Over the past 2 decades, my medicine dosage increases. I went for nose sinus operation twice. 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and lately suffers from knee pain.

On 11th Nov, 2017, I attended the Elementary/Intermediate course. It was a 6 nights course and I went through every chakras opening. On the 3rd day, I felt my head very heavy and had a mild asthma attack on the 5th day. It was so nice of the senior who had quickly taught me how to adjust for asthma, by putting both palms on my chest and throat.

Once, I had a bad sore throat and I placed my hands on C7 and throat. The pain moved from the throat to the ears and disappeared. The pain was gone the next day. However, my sinus came back and I lost my sense of smell and taste. While placing one hand on C7 and the other on the nose bridge, I felt bubble burst popping all the way to the forehead. As I adjusted further, I can smell lavender on my palm. And I could start tasting food the following day.

Lately, my asthma’s doctor discontinued 4 types of medication and kept only 1 type for me. My liver is functioning normal again. And doesn’t need to go for my sinus 3rd operation.

Can Swallow Again!

I am very thankful to my friend who introduced to me to practise Longevitology. At first,I felt bad to reject,as she is a very caring and helpful lady. As I need to work on Sunday,she took the trouble to queue for few hours to get me enrolled for the Elementary/Intermediate course.

I recalled on the 3rd day of the course when my chakras C3 and C2 were opened,I felt a warm energy on my backbone,despite sitting under a fan. And my 2 palms were warm too.

On 12th Sep, 2018,I went to volunteer at a Caring Centre. After I reached home at 10.30pm,while brushing my teeth,I felt something in my mouth. I thought it might be some food not swallowed down properly,so I used my finger to push it down. But surprisingly,I found that it was actually a small bubble like substance and it burst and blood came out of my mouth. Last time while eating,I used to feel a bit difficult to swallow and I ignored it,which I thought was due to aging.

After this incident, I felt easier to swallow food now. I believe it is due to Longevitology that have helped to heal my long time sickness.

I will continue to learn more and hopefully,heal more people as possible. My greatest gratitude to Longevitology and all the teachers and seniors.

Magical Improvement In 2 Hours!

When I was told about the commencement of the of 20th Elementary and Intermediate class, I decided to just give it a try. At the class, during the chakra opening, I felt a very strong energy flow through my body. It was an amazing experience.

After completing the class, I decided to put into practice what I have learnt, so I volunteered at a few Caring Centres. I received positive feedback from the people who came to us for adjustment.

At one of the caring sessions, a man came in breathlessly, sick and weak. He told me that he had suffered from heart-attack, with 2 heart arteries 90% blocked and another artery 70% blocked. Firstly, I applied my hands on his C7, C5 and C4 for about 15 minutes for his breathlessness. This helped to stabilise and improve his breathing. After that, I moved my hands to his heart area, one hand in front and the other at his back. I focused fully at this placement position for one hour.

During the adjustment, I felt a strange coldness flowing from the receiver. It took about half an hour for the coldness to gradually turn warm. When warm energy flowed, the receiver expressed that he felt better, and his body tension was relieved. I moved on to adjust his swelling legs and foot. After the whole session of about one and a half hour, he was able to talk normally and drink water. This was such a drastic difference from when he arrived 2 hours ago.

I Believe in You, Longevitology!

In February 2018, as requested by the Authority, a medical certification of fitness is required for the renewal of my driving license. I reluctantly showed up at my neighbourhood clinic as I was afraid of any disappointing result. True enough, my systolic blood pressure reading was 138mmHg. The doctor adviced to start taking high blood pressure medicine for long-term.

As I had enrolled for the Elementary & Intermediate Longevitology course which was starting in March 2018, I did not start the medication immediately. With self-adjustment on C7 and C4, volunteering at Caring Centres and consistent monitoring, my blood pressure is now between 100mmHg and 112mmHg.

I developed gout 3 years ago and was taking Diclofenac and Colchicine to manage. With self-adjustment on C7, C3 and C2, my condition has improved tremendously without medication.

Three months ago, I experienced discomfort in one of my wisdom tooth on the lower jaw. After three weeks of persistently pursuing for an appointment at the polyclinic, the dentist’s advice was to extract the tooth. Luckily, I worked on C7 and the affected jaw while waiting and till now, I am blessed to keep this precious tooth.

I am very thankful and grateful to our and all the seniors for their selfless and inspiring deeds to help so many people from different parts of the world. I am looking forward to attending the more challenging Advanced course in November 2018.

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