Caring Centre Notice


As Covid-19 situation has not stabilized and the Singapore government has raised Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) on 7 February from Yellow to Orange Alert Level, our Association will follow the Government measure not to host large scale event. As such we have to continue to delay the reopening of our Caring Centres and new Classes.

In the event Covid-19 situation is under control and the government has lowered DORSCON Alert Level from Orange to Yellow, the Association after careful consideration will put out new notice on our Association’s website, Facebook and inform all our Caring Centre Leaders on the new Reopening date of our Caring Centres or date of our new Classes.

Do keep a lookout for our future update.

Thank you for your patience and kind understanding🙏🙏

Course Notice

As the coronavirus outbreak 2019 has not been stabilized and the Singapore government has raised the disease outbreak response system code (DORS) on 7 February 2020 from yellow to orange, it will be for everyone’s safety to suspense the course till further notice.

If the epidemic is controlled and the government updates the DORS code from orange to yellow, the Association will consider all factors before releasing any new announcement.

Thank you for for your understanding and patience.