Bye Bye, Health Issues!

I got to know Longevitology through my sister’s friend. Out of curiosity and interest, my sister and I signed up for the Elementary course in March 2017. During the 6 evenings course, our chakras were opened, and we were taught the Longevitology exercise (meditation).

Before I went for the course, I had issues with my leg. My right leg would occasionally have muscle cramps and feel numb in the middle of the night. These worried me. Amazingly, after the opening of my chakras, I do not feel any more numbness and muscle cramps in my legs. I used to have high cholesterol. After I adjusted for myself at C7 and the ailing location. My cholesterol level has improved since.

My daughter used to have constipation. She only cleared her bowels about once every 5 to 6 days, and that made me quite worried. After learning Longevitology, I helped to improve her bowel pattern by adjusting her C3 and the lower abdomen. Now, she no longer suffers from constipation. I feel very glad.

I hope to proceed with the Advance course and learn more about Longevitology, so that I can learn more methods of adjustment and experiences.

Yip Ngan Chun
Testimonials Series 8