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About Longevitology

Longevitology, known as长生学 (Cheng Sen Xue) in chinese, which translates as “study of long life”, is one of several healing modalities intended to adjust energy flow throughout the body to improve the body’s ability to heal itself.

Good health is believed to be the result of energy (referred to as Qi or Prana) and blood flowing smoothly through the organs and systems of the body. When the flow of energy is disrupted, one will experience some body disorders and illness is more prone to occur. When proper energy flow has been restored, conditions are optimized for the body to heal.

The body lives in a rich field of universal yang energy. Just as a healthy body draws oxygen into the lungs to breathe, it also draws in universal energy to replenish itself. It does so through points on the body, neural plexes called chakras. Chakras are the body’s power centers, energizing cells and organs so they can function. Each chakra is connected to its various organs and glands within the body. When the chakras are functioning properly, the body will be in good health – good metabolism, effective immune system and good ability to detox.

In Longevitology, Master Lin Tzu-Chen, Wei Yu-Feng and other appointed masters open the student’s chakras to receive this universal energy. Students are taught how use this energy to heal themselves and others of common ailments.

How we started in Singapore


Teacher Lin Tze-Chen and Teacher Wei Yu-Feng

Longevitology originated from Dr. Lin Tze-Hung, a medical practitioner in Los Angeles, California. Upon exposure to the school of “energy” medical practice, Dr. Lin recommended it to Teacher Lin Tze-Chen and Teacher Wei Yu-Feng. Through hands-on clinical experiences, Teacher Lin Tze-Feng and Teacher Wei Yu-Feng refined this skill with simplified concepts, theories and methods so that many can learn and help themselves and others.

Longevitology was introduced and taught in Singapore since 1998. The association was officially registered and set up in Singapore on May 2009. HANDS with LOVE LONGEVITOLOGY ASSOCIATION (SINGAPORE) is a non profit organisation that has no religious, medical or political affiliation.

The organization:
focuses on offering free training to students with a skill that can improve their own body’s ability to heal both physically and mentally.
caters opportunities for their students to give back to society by using their longevitology skill to help others in the caring centres.
offer help to those who like to seek additional supportive treatment for their illness or well-being at the caring centres.

While Longevitology maybe able to speed up healing, it is important to note that help from practice of Longevitolgy should NOT be deemed as an alternative and/or replacement of any existing medical treatment from patient’s medical professional/s.


Saving Lives with Compassion

With love, patience, care and compassion, and without any expectations for fame, gain, reward, personal desire and greed, we aim to serve and contribute our love and care to the society, in hope that our endeavors will help cultivate the kindness of human nature, thus making our families happier, our society more harmonized, our country stronger, and better well-being for mankind.

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