I Believe in You, Longevitology!

In February 2018, as requested by the Authority, a medical certification of fitness is required for the renewal of my driving license. I reluctantly showed up at my neighbourhood clinic as I was afraid of any disappointing result. True enough, my systolic blood pressure reading was 138mmHg. The doctor adviced to start taking high blood pressure medicine for long-term.

As I had enrolled for the Elementary & Intermediate Longevitology course which was starting in March 2018, I did not start the medication immediately. With self-adjustment on C7 and C4, volunteering at Caring Centres and consistent monitoring, my blood pressure is now between 100mmHg and 112mmHg. I developed gout 3 years ago and was taking Diclofenac and Colchicine to manage. With self-adjustment on C7, C3 and C2, my condition has improved tremendously without medication.

Three months ago, I experienced discomfort in one of my wisdom tooth on the lower jaw. After three weeks of persistently pursuing for an appointment at the polyclinic, the dentist’s advice was to extract the tooth. Luckily, I worked on C7 and the affected jaw while waiting and till now, I am blessed to keep this precious tooth.

I am very thankful and grateful to our and all the seniors for their selfless and inspiring deeds to help so many people from different parts of the world. I am looking forward to attending the more challenging Advanced course in November 2018.

Yuen Kam Thong
Testimonials Series 8