I completed the advanced course in 2017 and would like to share my experience while practising Longevitology. At one of the Caring Centres, an elderly lady who had acute pain in her right leg for a couple of days approached us, and I was assigned to attend to her.

I told her to relax and I placed my hand on C3, C2 and her right leg. During the adjustment, I could feel tingling sensations on my palm and the elderly lady also felt something “moving” inside her right leg. She seemed to be quite worried, but I explained to her that this was a positive reaction. At the end of the session, she was very happy as the pain on her right leg was reduced tremendously. I gave her my blessings and encouraged her to continue visiting the Caring Centres.

The most memorable experience in my course of practising Longevitology was how I helped my uncle, who was almost on the edge of death after an accident. My uncle, aged around 80, had a fall while riding an e-scooter and knocked his head. The doctor at the emergency ward immediately performed an operation on his head. After the operation, he was in coma for almost a month.

I came to know about his condition later on, and my auntie said that the doctor asked them to prepare for the worst.

I told my auntie’s family about Longevitology, and sought their consent to let me try using this remarkable energy to help him. Without hesitation, they agreed. When I went to see my uncle, I saw a lot of phlegm stuck in his throat, which caused breathing difficulties. I immediately placed both of my hands near his lungs for 2 hours. After my break, I placed my hand on his head and chest, and continued to adjust for another hour. After adjusting, my auntie said she saw a lot of phlegm flowing out from the tube that was connected to my uncle’s throat. Miraculously, the following day, my uncle was able to open his eyes and breathe better. I continued to adjust him, and with the help of the seniors, my uncle was transferred from the high dependency ward to a normal ward within a week. Even the doctor was very surprised and could not provide an answer for that. Recently, my auntie had just completed the Longevitology Beginner and Intermediate class.

Longevitology has changed me. I became more patient and caring. I will continue to go to the Caring Centres to help others.

Leong Chin Heng

Testimonials Series 8